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Partner dancing is fun but also challenging. It looks easy when viewed by an onlooker but between the couple dancing, many things are happening.

In a short dance workshop of two or three hours, we aim to teach people to achieve a certain competency in the skill of partner dancing. It is a fun experience but also has a serious side in that our workshops can build work relationship skills.

  • One person learns to take the lead whilst the other follows the instructions.
  • The leaders are thinking always about what they are doing at that precise moment and what the consequences of that action will be.
  • The follower is interpreting the leads given and responding accordingly. If the leads are not clearly sent, the follower will be unsure of what the leader wants the follower to do, resulting in confusion in the dance routine.
  • A condition exists in partner dancing called “back leading”. This can occur when a leader lacks the skills to send the leads clearly to the follower. The follower surreptitiously takes over by manipulating the leader into doing what the follower wants by sending out subtle messages with hands and body movement.

Does this sound vaguely familiar? It should as it is the fabric of everyday office actions and interaction. There are leaders and there are followers. In the perfect world, a competent leader gives clear and concise instructions and good workers complete the task with confidence and efficiency as they understood what was required of them.

It is important that respect exists between leaders and followers as this is the fabric of discipline. When the follower takes over and starts to “manage their manager”, all respect is lost and it can become impossible for the manager to effectively manage.

Our classes teach individuals to become leaders on the dance floor bringing with it the heightened mental capacity to think and act on their feet whilst multi tasking. The followers are taught that their role is just as critical to the achievement of success and perfection. In dancing, we teach our students that neither party is more important than the other. It is critical that each understands and fulfils their role for the dance sequences to be smooth and satisfying for both parties. Harmony exists!

Now that is the serious business side of our dance teaching.  

The benefits for your team are:  

  • Breaks down barriers;
  • Fun activity;
  • Great exercise;
  • Stress relief;
  • Great sense of achievement;
  • Improved team morale.

The lighter side is that your team may have reached the end of a busy year or project and just need to let off some steam. Or you maybe looking to reward your employees with a fun and interactive activity? Maybe it’s simply Christmas Party time and you need to think of something different.

Easily achieved! With over five years of teaching dance, with our combined coaching talents and some light hearted banter, we will have your team all smiles! Workers relax and interact with each other and even management staff can relax and be themselves. The following day, the office will be abuzz with talk about, “who did this and who did that.”

We are able to offer a 2 to 3 hour Rock ‘n’ Roll or Rockabilly Dance Workshops for businesses and organisations located in Sydney and we guarantee we will have your employees up and dancing within that time frame.

Please give Margie a call on 0410 668 995 or email for further information about our services.


Jim - ph 0419 498 578 or email or Margie - ph 0410 668 995 or email